About Us

Ambience Salon & Gallery was opened to realize owners Cindy and Louis’ shared dream to…Nail & Beauty Salon in Belmont, CA

create a beautiful space where people can enjoy luxurious premium nail and spa treatments that pamper all five of their senses, without paying premium prices. They both wanted to create an unforgettable environment where clients could truly relax.

Cindy and Louis both escaped to the United States from oppressive regimes: Cindy from communist Vietnam, and Louis from Khmer Rouge Cambodia. From the time she was a child, Cindy aspired to be a nail and beauty artist and to run her own business. A self-taught engineer, artist, and carpenter, Louis wanted to apply his artistic vision to his own venture. The two met as struggling immigrants, fell in love, married and realized they could make both their dreams a shared reality. It was truly an American Dream come true!

Since opening their first location on Laurel Street in San Carlos, Cindy and Louis have upheld an intense commitment to unparalleled service, technique, and ambiance.

In the fall 2011, they expanded into spacious new facilities on El Camino Real in Belmont and created a unique spa experience that celebrates Cambodia’s natural beauty and rich artistic tradition.

Louis went on several buying trips to Cambodia to commission the masterfully carved reliefs, statues, and furniture featured in the Salon. A multi-talented and prolific artist, Louis painted all the artwork that adorns the walls.