Why Ambience?

Ambience Spa Belmont

Our clients consistently praise our focus on unparalleled service, technique, and ambiance:

***** “I love this place! They are extremely friendly and remember me every time I come in even thought it is not that frequent. I’ve received both manicures and pedicures and they last until my nails grow out. No chips, etc.” ~Andrea D, San Carlos, CA

***** “Ambience is AWESOME! It’s owned and operated by a woman named Cindy, who is both charming and fun. The atmosphere is elegant and peaceful. The amazing artwork that graces the walls are pieces by Cindy’s husband, Louis, and they showcase his incredible talent.

I recommend getting a pedicure with art. Cindy and the other ladies that work there always come up with something cute and usually fitting of my mood. The pedicure spa chairs are great and I always leave Ambience feeling like a new woman.

I’ve been going there since it’s been open and it’s really refreshing to see someone’s dream turn into reality. Cindy does a great job of maintaining her clientele and keeping up with personal events in their lives. I highly recommend going in for a mani-pedi. It’s worth the $$!!!” ~Sarah J, Redwood City, CA

***** “I have been going to Ambience for almost three years now. A few things to note – Cindy is the owner and she is a wonderful person. She also give the best manicures and pedicures I’ve ever had (I’m about a once a month mani-pedi person, so while not a professional, I’ve got a little experience here).” ~Cate I, San Carlos, CA

***** “The girls here are very thorough…they use good products and I do feel the quality and price are much better than other places in San Carlos, Belmont, Redwood City, San Mateo, Palo Alto…I get my nails done on the Peninsula because with parking and market saturation issues in the city…it can take the relaxation out of the whole experience…pedicures here last 3+ weeks!” ~Myle S, San Francisco, CA

***** “Go to Cyndi— She is the owner and she is the best. She’s very polite and extremely efficient! She actually does a really good job in a short period of time. This woman is very talented! Every time I go here it’s for a fill or a pedicure. She makes my nails beautiful every single time… She does such a good job they almost look like my natural nails…not too thin, not too thick, just right.. She is consistently good, consistently sweet, and never takes another customer or a “walk-in” if you have a scheduled appointment with her. I highly recommend this nail place…because I have been to a few other nail salons in San Carlos, as well as Redwood City, and Ambience is the only one I have been back to again and again.” ~Cassandra E, San Mateo, CA

***** “Cindy is great!!  I had tried others before finding Ambience, and won’t go anywhere else.  The salon is clean and delightfully decorated.  And I can’t wait to see Cindy’s new place, opening soon.  Pink and whites are beautiful, and she is happy to offer other creative nail styles, too.  This is definitely not your typical nail salon, it’s the best nail salon around!!” ~Susan D, Bay Area

***** “The quality of work you get for the price is outstanding. Cute nail place with just a few women working – you will not find rows and rows of pedi chairs lined up here. I got a mani and a pedi. I was very pleased with the work. I got a french mani on Tuesday and it is now Friday – no chips (and this is on my real nails). I plan to get my nails done for my wedding here in October. I came here based of a recommendation from a friend and then looking them up on Yelp. From now on, if I need my nails done, I will come here. 

I also liked the relaxing music they were playing. Plus since it is on Laurel Street in San Carlos, you can walk up and down Laurel while your nails dry. Almost forgot, they have good mags to read while you are there.” ~Michele P, Redwood City, CA

***** “I have found my newest manicurist! I will give my 100th review to CINDY! 

Cindy is AMAZING! 

She cleaned up the mess that was my nails, chatted with me, gave me a few recipe ideas and even after my fill I got a mini little hand massage! 

This place is beyond clean! Were talking no dust anywhere, the floors are well kept and smell of nail products is in the air but not overwhelming at all, the second she opened the door it was cleared out. 

My nails are PERFECT, they are arched the way I like them, the length is perfect and the pink to white ration is AMAZING! She did most everything by hand with a file, a little drilling but she used the buffer and file more then the drill. She made it a point not to ask where I got my nails done last or criticize another manicurist which I felt was very honorable. 

This woman is amazing at her craft and I cant wait to go back! 

Also Cindy is opening a new location in June, in Belmont. I will be sure to follow her.” ~Angela B, San Mateo, CA  

 ***** “This evening I found my nail soulmate, Cindy.

I absolutely adore her shop. It’s clean and awesome with beautiful paintings and photos.

As for my nails, Cindy does a fantastic job. She’s very open to what you want and what you don’t want. I’ve never been so happy with my nails.

BTW, her daughter has her own little business selling flower pens. She’s quite the fashionista and very cute. She also gets 5 stars. :)” ~Hunger E, San Mateo, CA

***** “The women who were working the day I went were pleasant and professional. The woman who did my pedicure was thorough and very gentle, which I appreciated! I hate when I get a pedicure and the pedicurist goes digging around in my toes like I have no nerve endings in them.

I asked for a french pedi and she did an excellent job-I am quite pleased. Plus, they were able to get me in on the same day appointment, which is always a bonus. I’m very happy and will definitely be going back.” ~Lexi M, Redwood City, CA